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Monday, November 06, 2006


What's Golden?

A Guest Post by JNR (sorry, the stats don't line up correctly in this format)

Top SS fielding stats

3. O Cabrera Games Innings TC PO A Errors DP FPCT
LAA SS 152 1320.2 645 252 377 16 100 975%

2. D Jeter
NYY SS 150 1292.1 610 214 381 15 81 975%

1. M Young
TEX SS 155 1356.1 747 241 492 14 113 .981%

So the Choke Artist asked me to defend Jeter’s accomplishment of winning the gold glove. Jeter is obviously one of the better shortstops in the AL, so the Gold Glove is by no means a sham. The stats, however, point to Texas shortstop Michael Young. So here is a breakdown of the oft-ignored fielding statistics.

TC (total chances) is a controversial stat. This stat has a direct impact on the other stats. For example, the more TC’s you get, the more A’s (assists) you should have. So you can turn this into a positive stat for Jeter by projecting he would have all higher numbers and be closer to Young’s PO’s (put-outs) and A’s. Here’s the problem- Jeter has more errors and a lower FPCT(fielding percentage) already. So by adding over 100 TC’s to Jeter, his errors would most likely go up and his FPCT would likely stay the same or at least remain close.

With Young having so many more TC’s, his stats should be lower in FPCT and go up in errors. This did not happen. Instead Young has a better FCPT and less errors, so he could be considered more consistent.

As a Yankee fan I would love to give thousands of valid reasons for Jeter’s third straight gold glove. Well here are two.

1. Jeter is a Yankee and Young is a Ranger.
2. Jeter is the defending gold glove winner.

As the defending gold glove winner you have to be “dethroned” because you are fresh in the minds of the voters. Are Young’s stats so overwhelming that he should have won over the defending gold glove SS? It’s a tough question because fielding stats do not often separate themselves dramatically.

The voters for the gold gloves are managers and coaches. Do they look at stats before they vote? Or is the Gold Glove more of an arbitrary decision?

In my honest opinion, its not that Jeter didn’t deserve it, but Young deserved it more.

Sorry, but I can't provide a justified defense of Jeter's defense.

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