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Friday, November 10, 2006


R Who? That's Right.

That's right, Rutgers beat the beast of the Big East last night and is still undefeated. After a thrilling comeback, R U should move up to about #8 in the BCS. Only problem is it would take A LOT of help for them to have any chance of getting consideration for a National Championship. Now this wouldn't be quite as much of a disappointment as Auburn missing out a couple years ago, but this could be another case for the BCS system to be abolished.

Think about what a great cinderella story it would be for Rutgers to get a crack at the title against the likes of Ohio State. Under this system, it won't happen. If the tourney system works for college basketball, why not an 8-team tournament for football? 7 bowl games in the tournament, and then keep the additional bowl games for the other teams. This would allow a chance for all undefeated teams, regardless of the conference. Florida looked terrible against Vanderbilt last week and has one loss, but this system keeps them ahead of the team who just took out # 3 in the country.

Is Rutgers better than Ohio State? Probably not, but we'll never know.

Mark your calendars for December 2. Rutgers vs. West Virginia.

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