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Friday, November 10, 2006


NFL Midseason Awards

Contributed From the "Spotlight" Section of Pharfle. Their homepage is http://www.pharfle.blogspot.com/


Best AFC team: Colts (8-0)... hands down. Proved it against the Patriots IN Foxboro. Will they go undefeated? NO... will they get homefield advantage? YES... will it matter? We will see.

Best NFC team: The winner of the Giants (6-2) v. Bears (7-1) Sunday night game can claim this title. This is a huge game as it will play the tie breaker down the road for playoff seeding.

NFL MVP: The NFL is becoming like the NBA or MLB when you could have given the award to Shaq or Bonds EVERY YEAR during like a 5-6 year stretch... but you didn't because greatness and domination became somewhat expected... so I am assuming that you know I am going to elect Peyton Manning (QB Colts) as Pharfle's mid-season MVP. Peyton has thrown for 2291yds, 17TD's and only 3 picks with a QB rating of over 106.... oh and his team is THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFL....

Honorable-mention MVP for Fantasy STUDS Ladaian Tomlinson, and Drew Brees

COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR AFC: The league's leading receiver resides in Houston. The Texans' Andre Johnson went from below average #1 receiver to the top of the league (more yards than Chad Johnson, Steve Smith, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, and Larry Fitzgerald). Johnson has 754 yds, 4 TD's and 35 1st downs!!

COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR NFC: QB Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. A mediocre team on paper is making a strong case for the playoffs based on the arm of their QB. He seems completely recovered from his injury and was probably drafted too low in everyone's fantasy leagues. Idiots.

AFC DUD: The Miami Dolphins have to be vomiting over the fact that they passed up on Drew Brees for Daunte Culpepper. Although his stats aren't atrocious, he has not shown the mobility and arm strength they got him to showcase. His offensive lines ALWAYS collapses and he has not proven to be a good decision maker under pressure. It is clear that he has not healed completely and has been benched for Joey Harrington (probably) until next season. Dolphins over-hyped again.... Ya think they miss Ricky Williams?

NFC DUD: Chris Simms... Maybe it is in bad taste to give this "honor" to a man with a spleen injury, but Tampa Fans NEVER thought they would be riding the Bruce Gradkowski train. I mean... did you know who he was until last month? The Bucs playoff hopes are almost dead.

NFL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: This one isn't even close! On a team that drafted a future All-Pro in Reggie Bush, the Saints Marques Colston is turning cornerbacks heads right and left. He has amassed an impressive 700yds and 7TD's. He was picked at the tail end of the draft and has paid IMMEDIATE dividends. Kudos to the New Orleans Scout squad.

SUPER BOWL PREDICITON: Manning v. Manning.... wouldn't TV LOVE that?

QB: Peyton Manning (IND)
RB: Ladanian Tomlinson (SD)
RB: Larry Johnson (KC)
RB: Stephen Jackson (STL)
WR: Marques Colston (NO)
WR: Torry Holt (STL)
TE: Alge Crumpler (ATL)
K: Rob Gould (CHI)

If I may add myself some other guys who you may not have expected to tear up the fantasy leagues this year:

QB: M. Vick (3rd among QB's), J. Kitna
RB: K. Jones, W. Parker (5th, 6th among RB's)
WR: Javon Walker (#1), Reggie Brown
TE: D. Clark, K. Winslow
DEF: San Diego

Biggest busts must be Cadillac WIlliams and LaMont Jordan

lamont jordan is hands down destroying my fantasy teams...yes i said teams, i managed to get him in 3 of my 4 teams...he is now benched on each team...so much for my top running back
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