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Friday, November 03, 2006


Football Week 9

JNR tries to extend his lead after a 5-0 record last week.

Green Bay -3 Buffalo
New Orleans +1 Tampa Bay
Atl +5.5 Detroit
Minnestoa +5 49ers
Giants +13 Texans


NO -1.0 TB
GB +3.0 Buf
ATL -5.5 Det
Min -5.5 SF
NYG -13.0 Hou

When in Romo +3 Brunell's Grandkids
Fudge Packers -3 The Loss-men
Fred Smoot's Army of Whores +5 Alex Smith's Army of Mormons
Drew Brees's Shit Stain +1 Suckaneers and Simms's spleen
The Michael Vick Show +5.5 Kitna & Co.

For $$$$, Choke Artist to left, JNR to right
Raiders -7.5 Seahawks
Broncos +2.5 Steelers

G-MEN over Texans

well we all have the same picks..lets hope for the best
haha yea we have the exact same picks...thats funny
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