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Thursday, November 02, 2006



I was invited to an "offensive tshirt party" next week and set about finding myself one that I really liked. If you go to tshirthell.com, prepare yourself to be offended and to laugh. If only they shipped faster, I would be the proud owner of this shirt:

And now for my latest conspiracy theory: Bonds has entered free agency with the plan of fading out of baseball. It's perfect, he only played about half the time this season and he can use his injuries as an excuse to leave the game. Sammy Sosa did quite a nice fade-out, and I wouldn't be surprised if Barry did the same. At this point, no one wants him to break the record (which he could feasibly do next year). Imagine how awkward it would be? My guess- either he doesn't sign anywhere or he signs and just plays a couple games before his injuries "become too much to bear". You heard it here first...well you should of because I didn't hear that from anyone else.

Barry is going to hit 35 bombs next year you idiots. Know the game.....
If he's healthy I'm sure he could. What kind of supporting argument is "know the game"?
That shirt was on tshirthell maybe 3 months ago. You should've hopped on that website sooner!
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