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Thursday, October 26, 2006


When In Romo...

The Tuna has announced that Tony Romo will be his starting QB in this weeks game against the Panthers because Drew Bledsoe has cinderblocks tied around his ankles. This is a huge desperation move for the Cowboys who were supposed to be a contender this year. Last time a young QB started against the Panthers, I believe he had to have his spleen removed (see: Chris Simms).

Romo has been given the job based on his ability to be like Brett Favre- who throws really hard but not necessarily to his own team. In an ESPN poll, every state except for Texas and Oklahoma voted that Bledsoe should continue to start. Romo is in his 4th year out of Eastern Illinois and will be getting his first start ever. Dallas has dropped to 3-3 and 3rd place in the NFC East. Who would have thought the controversy in Dallas isn't revolving around T.O.?

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