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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Week 7 Picks

Another weak week. Somehow I managed to go 10-3 in my office pool and win this week though...unfortunately I put 2 of my bad picks here (the tie was a win in my office pool because of .5 difference in spread). Next weeek will be better.

JNR (4-5-1)
Broncos 4.5 BROWNS (W)
Jags 9.5 TEXANS (L)
Eagles 5.0 BUCS (L)
BENGALS 3 Panthers (T)
Pats 5.5 BILLS (W)

Choke Artist (3-6-1, 17-16-2)
Broncos 4.5 BROWNS (W)
Chargers 5.5 CHIEFS (L)
Steelers 2.5 FALCONS (W)
BENGALS 3 Panthers (T)
Cards 3 RAIDERS (L)

TB (4-6)
Broncos 4.5 BROWNS (W)
Eagles 5 BUCS (L)
Arizona 3 DON BOSCO PREP (L)
Chargers 5.5 CHIEFS (L)

SUICIDE POOL (L, 6-1) JAGS over TEXANS...I'll be buying back in and continuing to make picks here. 4 out of about 35 entries were left after this week.

How do you get to be in this picks pool...Are these the three people who know the least about football or do you guys wear blindfolds when you pick your teams.....Choke artist you sure were'nt kidding when you picked that name!
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