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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


South Beach Waxing

The NBA season tipped off last night with what should have been a good matchup. NBA games typically see a team that is trailing make a run to make the game somewhat interesting in the second half. Well, the Bulls dominated the Heat from the start in Miami last night and won by 42 (!) points over the defending champs. Heinrich and Duhon lit it up, but they got just 15 combined points from Big Ben, PJ Brown, and Flash Gordon. It will be interesting to see if the Bulls can find enough scoring this season starting Brown and Wallace- they will surely get defense and rebounding, but have little interior offensive presence.

Meanwhile, D-Wade shot some fancy bank shots with the new basketball and scored 25 on 10-15. The rest of the Heat shot just 15-50 or 30%. Shaq had 7 and 5. The champs have the worst record in basketball as of day 1.

It's only the first game, but can the Bulls come out of the East this year?

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