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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The Perfect Yankee Game

On Sunday, I went to the last Yankee game of season. For the record, I would rather have hemorrhoids than be a Yankee fan. This was my second trip to Yankee Stadium, and my first non-Met game there. I am enough of a baseball fan that when I'm offered a ticket to a Yankee game I'll go for the sake of seeing a game. I will not root out loud for either team, I'll just watch and drink.

We didn't get to the parking lot till the second, and we didn't finish off the beer till the 6th- which seemed like a good time to go inside. This was the best part, my buddies John and Kyle are a Mets fan and a not-so-big sports fan so the game was of little concern. Really I couldn't take the Der-ek Je-ter chants for more than 3 innings anyway. I swear every man woman and child in that stadium would blow him (yes, probably your MVP and it was the last game of the season...is it like that every game?). The Blue Jays prevailed on a homer by a nobody and the Yankees lost, dropping them to a tie with the Mets for baseball's best record. Sweet.

3 innings, a Toronto home run, a Yankee loss, and a delicious hot dog...now that's a good Yankee game.

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