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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


NY Baseball Notes

The Yankees were absolutely dominant last night. No matter what was going on, it didn't feel like the Tigers had a chance in hell. With the Sushi Shef healthy again (a Matsui/Sheffield combo), their lineup is one of the best ever. I would be shocked if this team doesn't get to the World series, especially after watching the AL teams play yesterday.

The Mets haven't even started playing yet and I already am feeling sick about this. We need 6 innings out of our starters so that the Heilman-Mota-Wagner triangle of death can take over. Only problem is 2 of our top 3 starters are no longer on the postseason roster. John Maine is great, but he's the game 1 starter, which makes me want to cry. I'm just glad to be going to the Glavine game tomorrow.

Dan, I just read something that I found very interesting. Three players were involved in the "infamous" Jorge Julio for Kris Benson trade. Guess who the third was. Mr. sunshine on my god damn shoulders John Maine. Guess it wasn't such a bad trade after all. Essentially Kris Benson for El Duque and John Maine. Not too bad at all.
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