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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


NFL Week 6 Picks

Well this week was nothing short of a disaster for those picking football games on this website. Regression to the average for my picks apparently. Here were the results:

JNR (2-3)
Eagles 3 SAINTS (W)
FALCONS 3 Giants (W)
Bengals 6 BUCS (L)
Bills 1 LIONS (L)
SKINS 10 Titans (L)

TB (2-3)
Bengals 6 BUCS (L)
Seahawks 3 RAMS (L)
FALCONS 3 Giants (W)
Chargers 10 49ERS (W)
COWBOYS 13 Texans (L)

Choke Artist (1-4, 15-14-1)
JETS 2.5 Dolphins (W)
Bengals 6 BUCS (L)
Bills 1 LIONS (L)
STEELERS 7 Chiefs (L)
Bears 10.5 CARDS (L)

SUICIDE POOL (W, 6-0) COWBOYS over Texans

Wow, combined record of 5-10 last week...I'm just gonna go ahead and say that was a hard week to pick.
well there was a lot of suicide in my suicide pool as people bit the dust with the Redskins. This week coming up is definitely the hardest suicide pool week yet.
i have Indy left so i am either taking them or Denver in my suicide pool.

the three of us need a better performance next week with our picks...
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