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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


New York Conspiracy Theory

Sports fans watched in awe Saturday while the Yankees lost three consecutive playoff games, and the Mets swept their way through the first round later in the night. This, many feel, was the best baseball day for a Met fan in a long time. For once they weren't playing second fiddle...or were they?

I made sure to watch the highlights on SportsCenter that night, but there only seemed to be one thing that was being reported- the firing of Yankee Manager Joe Torre, a story which broke immediately following the Met victory on Saturday night.
Now we find out that Torre may not actually be out as the Yankee manager after all (as the Daily News originally reported on Saturday night). So was this entire rumor a big smoke screen?

Could it be that this story was intentionally fabricated with the intention of diverting the spotlight away from the Mets? This is the first time in nearly 20 years that the Mets have been playing baseball while the Yanks are sitting at home- likely learning new quiche recipes. Not only that, but the Mets are doing it with a young, exciting team which cost nearly half the money to build.

Be on the look-out for some big time A-Rod trade rumors or tabloid pictures of Giambi doing porn if the Mets take the NLCS.

Your team is in the NLCS and you are still whinning. Everyone expected the Mets fans to win. So it wasnt a big deal. Joe Torre being fired would be a big deal. Plus they couldnt even hype the NLCS because the Mets didn't have an opponent yet. Furthermore, sportscenter (like everyone BUT Mets fans) doesn't link the Yankees and the Mets by anything other than a city. The fact that "the mets are still playing baseball and the Yankees are not" only matters to the Mets fans (and NOT the Mets players) an is not "special story worthy" on ESPN. Both teams were expected to win and only one did. Therefore the team that lost is a bigger story. Winning the NLDS means nothing. Wait until you make it to the series, then expect some hype.
Agreed.... Yanks losing = story.... Mets in the NLCS = no story. Plus it is negative press for the Yanks... Are you now proposing that Mets fans are jealous about the Yankees getting press that is negative?
It wasn't Yanks losing, it was Torre being fired, which went from being a sure thing (successor named and all) to being untrue.

The Yankees losing was related to the Torre situation, however, that was not the focus. The Torre situation took the focus off of baseball results from both NY teams- plan executed.
The Yankees were the focus because they are a bunch of heartless, gutless, di(kless, front running pu$$ies. And it all stems from the manager, Joe Torre. He should have been fired two years ago after the collapse against Boston. The entire Yankee team played badly, so all of the blame must fall on Torre. He does nothing to encourage his teams during the playoffs and only occasionally has team meetings during the season of the Yankees are going through one of their ridiculous losing streaks.

I hate to praise Boston, but they fired Grady Little for not taking out Pedro Martinez in Game 7 of the '03 ALCS. What happened the next year?, they got a new manager, a renewed determination, and they won the World Series.

I could care less about any offseason acquisitions. They are all meaningless because the Yankees don't stand a chance of winning the World Series in 2007 with Torre at the helm. If anybody wants to put money on that, BRING IT ON.

I hope Yankees fans are beginning to realize that it's not how great your player stats are, it's how bad you want to win when it really matters.
Yeah, as an outsider on this situation, I definitely feel like a change would do them good. Someone needs to light a fire under those guys because the lack of youth seems to coincide with a lack of energy and passion on the field.

On the flipside, the Yankees mid-season accomplishment of running away with the division with only half of a team on the field was quite impressive.
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