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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Mrs. Brees Seems a Bit Looney

Drew Brees hasn't spoken to his mom since he turned her down as his agent. Huh? Imagine how embarrassing that would be, would he ever hear the end of it if mommy was his agent? "Drew, now tell Joey Horn that he should hire me as his agent also or you're not invited to Thanksgiving".

Now Brees' mother has started putting his face in commercials in her political campaign for her candidacy for a Texas appeals court. Brees has gotten to the point where he was considering pressing charges because she wouldn't answer any of his phone calls. She also didn't have the wherewithal to get that giant poop stain removed from her son's face when he was younger.


what happened to the football picks...if you guys ever need help with your picks just let me know. i know you all liked that oakland pick
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