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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Mets Game 1

I couldn't help it, I had to write something about Game 1. After trying to watch the first couple innings at work, I met up with my buddy Jay at Turtle Bay in NYC. Dollar beers baby! Jay is Boston fan, which is cool because I get along with Red Sox fans based on a mutual hatred for the Blue Jays and Devil Rays.

- I got to the bar in the 4th, right when we started bashing some homers. Nice. Ordered the first round, double fisting the dollar beers. All is well, 2-1.

- Back to the double tag out, how could Jeff Kent seriously be that slow? The ball hit the frickin wall and he got thrown out from second. It was basically his fault that both outs were made b/c Drew took the same sign that Kent did.

- Weird that we had the Carlos Delgado is Pedro Serrano from Major League conversation last night- Simmons wrote the same thing today. Jay thought that Ortiz was more Serrano-esque, but Delgado's facial hair takes it.

- I feel like everyone who used to play for the Braves has an ability to burn us because of their history of whipping our ass- see Rafael Furcal, Wilson Betemit...you scare me forever. See also: Tom Glavine, please don't screw us tonight.

-I realized that this was our first meaningful game since June or so. Jay mentioned that the Twins were red hot and now down 2-0. TRUE.

- I killed Willie for leaving Mota in to bat. Heilman is the guy to go 2 innings. Then Mota got smoked. Then my brother suggested via text that Julio Franco should be the manager. Then I remembered what it's like to be a Met fan again.

-Around the 7th or so, I called Shawn Green a p*ssy for the 22nd time. The definition of not showing up- in the field or at the dish. 4th round of double fisting dollar beers.

-Game is over after a scare from HillBilly Wagner. Was it in his contract to scare us just as much as our other closers did? All the Yankee fans that were pregaming are gone before we enjoy the win...hope you had fun in the rain SUCKERS!

-AND I ALMOST FORGOT: I said to Jay, well I'm confident that Grady Little will win this game for us. And then HE DID. The bizarro move of bringing Penny out of the bullpen really scared me since I was in a bar and then without explanation, the All-Star Game starter was in. But since he was coming back from an injury, it probably would have been better to save him for game 3 or 4. Then we rocked him. Sweet.

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