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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Live Blogging the Playoffs

First off, does anyone read this anymore? my readership has been sinking like crazy since I couldn't post every day last week. Well, if for no reason other than to talk to myself here are my thoughts on day 1 of the baseball playoffs.

-First things first, my brother Tom just scared the sh*t out of me with the following text message: "Dynasty satrts tomorrow, El Duque will carry us to the promise land".

-Does anyone else love Frank Thomas for absolutely no reason? He homered off of Santana in the second inning and I was excited...but not sure why.

-What is this old timers day? He and Rondell White are the only guys with home runs and multiple hits.

-Zito and Santana are superhumans right now...talk about turning it on for the playoffs. Both still pitching in the 8th.

-I just spent $120 for a Mets ticket. I am really nervous about them losing Thursday. As a matter of fact, I have very little confidence...El Duque is pitching game 1. When you haven't seen one of your teams win a championship since you were 7, these things start to drive you crazy.

-What shirt do I wear to the game? Wright, Reyes, or Division Champs?

-When your team hasn't won the division in this long, you buy the shirt.

I wanted to end things there but The Big Hurt just went deep again. I was wondering why the Twinkies brought in this guy Jesse Crain to pitch to the meat of the A's order. This is the playoffs baby, don't be f'in around in a 5 game series. Oh look, that run is really going to cost them. 3-2 final, way to go idiots.

Yep, I check in with your blog every day and am sad when you're not able to post.

Buy the Division shirt. Definitely. And wear it every day!
still read daily. keep it up. start advertising somewhere free. updating daily is KEY. word to your mother
I still read the blog as much as possible, sometimes I am too busy at work to comment.

Perhaps if you mentioned the Yankees a little more, even if just to hate on them.

I'll throw in a Yankees comment because there wasn't any the most recent section:

Nice win for the Yanks last night and Derek Jeter just solidified his MVP status (even though the voting is finished).

1 down, 10 to go.
Wear the Division Champs shirt... and wear it with pride

I was @ Game 1 of the Yankee series last night. I ran into a girl I made-out with in highschool. After saying "hi" she said "why are you wearing the Jersey of a Japanese man?".... This was the only part of my evening that wasn't sweet... I see no wrong in Rockin a MATSUI jersey. Even if he didn't do well.

This Yanks team looks different that the previous 4. They are going for the throat this postseason. No more waiting for Sheffield and Jeter to step up.

I predicted a big series for Abreu on Sunday... so far my prediction is decent.

I too like Frank Thomas... but only because I took Jared to a White Sox v. Yanks game back in the day. Jared loves him. Therefore I root for him because I have no reason not too. He is a good baseball story this year.

I also saw "Sabertooth" at the game last night... and, believe it or not, she was looking pretty good.
Hey, so right after I send you that text about El Duque, he goes ahead and gets hurt in a warm up. Rumor has it that rookie John Maine will be starting game one...I think I'm gonna cry.
Weirdest injury. He was jogging, then right after he felt the injury, he diagnosed himself with a "torn calf" ... Strange to anyone else?
MSNBC reported about an hour ago the El Duque was paid $10 million by George Steinbrenner to get injured for the playoffs for fear of El Duque beating the Yankees in a possible Subway Series. True story.
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