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Friday, October 20, 2006



Not much to say. I guess this series was exciting, and last night was a great game. I think that Heilman needs to be made a starter after that debacle. Next year's rotation could be Maine, Heilman, Perez, Bannister, Pelfrey and Pedro of course if he's healthy. And I'm ok with that. Add Schmidt/Zito/Willis and the team would be right back next year. A full preview after the pain wears off a bit.

Later today: Just expect the weekly football picks, the game contributed to me getting 3 hours of sleep last night.

I was watching the game just to watch baseball. But when Chavez made that catch I wanted the Mets to win just so that play would be immortalized. Did you notice dumb-ass McCarver call him "Eric Chavez" ... I think he did it twice nonetheless... Def once in the 8th inning. I bet by now Mets fans hate the Fox announcers too.
Didn't hear that b/c I was at a bar. We said the same thing though, "if they win, this will be one of the greatest catches in postseason history". But then they lost, so shit.

My brother brought up a good point- where was Wagner in the 9th??
The Yanks would have had Mo in there for part of the 8th, and def for the 9th. Does Willy not trust Wagner? He prob did scare the shit out of you on Wednesday. Who knows. This is what happens in the post season. If you lose, all you managerial moves get called into question. Remember Grady Little? I would have left Pedro in too.
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