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Monday, October 23, 2006


The Doctor is IN

If you watched the beginning of Game 2 last night you may have noticed the "doctoring" of the ball controversy that occurred with Kenny Rodgers. And you were probably watching it since Sunday Night Football wasn't on and there was basically no other choice (even though you don't care about either team playing). As Tommy LaSorda would say, "you're a baseball fan aren't you?" Or something like that.

From this picture of Kenny Rodgers you can see 2 things- 1) Rodgers has something funky on his palm, and 2) He has very hairy arms, even on the underside of them. I mean, that's some serious coverage.

Now Rodgers said it was dirt, but how could your hand really get that dirty without you knowing? I mean, the thing was downright filthy. Especially if you're a pitcher, did he lick that thing or put it by his mouth when blowing on his hand to warm it up?

Regardless of how weird/gross/shady this situation was, Tony LaRussa didn't seem to care about it after the game, saying that he never likes to take anything away from an opponent. Well Rodgers took the series lead away from the Cards, 1-1 with a good pitching matchup in Game 3.

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