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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Chinese Air Is Dirty Anyway

Bloomberg reported that some "businessman" in China was banned from selling "World Cup air". Li Jie was planning on grinding up grass from the fields in Germany and selling the "fragrance" in bags costing 50 yuan ($6.50) each. Only thing is the bags looked empty, and there was no evidence of whether they were actually made from the grass. Chinese authorities accused him of "profiteering" which sounds like "racketeering", but I'm not really sure what it means.

From Bloomberg: "Li came to prominence as chief executive of the company "Lunar Embassy in China,'' which tried to sell acre plots onthe moon for about $37. The ban on World Cup air had doomed his plan to sell air from the 2008 Olympics."

Not sure how that makes him prominent...or how he was getting the grass to China...or how he owned the moon...

Wouldn't it be awesome if he was just having World Cup players fart into the bags!? That's something I would buy.

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