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Monday, October 02, 2006


Baseball: 8 Remain

Taking a look at the final standings, you may be interested in the following results:

-The Mets and Yanks finished with identical 97-65 records, the best in baseball.

-The Twins finished just a game behind those two.

-The following teams would have made the playoffs in the NL based on record: Blue Jays, Red Sox, White Sox, Angels.

-The Royals 3 wins to end the season didn't just knock the Tigers from the top of the division, it helped them avoid baseball's worst record. The DRays were 61-101, the Royals 62-100.

-The DRays actually had a winning record at home this year, but were a disgusting 20-61 on the road.

-Only 6 teams in baseball had a losing record at home, and the NL only had 3 teams with winning records on the road (AL had 7). And the AL has home field advantage in the playoffs. Now that's an advantage all right.

-The White Sox didn't make the playoffs, but would have won 2 divisions in the NL.

-The Yankees scored 65 more runs than anyone else. Phillies were 2nd.

-Detroit allowed the fewest runs, with Minnesota and San Diego being the only other teams to allow under 700 runs.

-The A's finished 24 games over .500 and only outscored their opponents by 44 runs.

-The Cardinals only outscored their opponents by 19.

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