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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Wednesday's Headliners

Johan Santana became baseball's first 17-game winner. Definitely the Cy front runner.

The Padres are within just one game of the Dodgers in the West, while still leading the Wild Card. When they call the Padres the "Pods" do they sell it "Pads"? Because that's kind of weird.

The Dolphins and the Steelers kick off the NFL season Thursday night. The over/under on Charlie Batch's passing total: 80 yards. Glad I drafted Hines and Roethlisberger...

My Second Fantasy Draft was quite a disaster last night. We had some expansion teams in the MOAFFL league, extending our total to 12. My pick- 12th overall. It worked out ok the first time around (I got LaMont Jordan and Chad Johnson), but by the time I picked again I think my season was already over. I'm still pissed at Steve for taking Wali Lundy right before me.

The Cubs fell into last place yesterday, which makes them worse than the Pirates. Which is like being smellier than poop.

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