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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Villanova Heads to the NBA

After a terrific '05-'06 season, Villanova sent 3 players to the NBA. So let's check up on everyone and preview their upcoming seasons in the league:

Randy Foye was MVP of the Vegas summer league after being the #7 overall pick, scoring 24.8 ppg and shooting 53%. Foye should get significant playing time from the T'Wolves this season, especially since he has the flexibility of playing the 1, 2, or 3. He was often responsible for guarding everyone from power forwards to point guards in Villanova's 4 guard lineup, and his defense is expected to translate well to the NBA. 25.2% of the 17,000+ voters on ESPN say Foye will win the Rookie of the Year this year. The player he has drawn comparisons to the most is Dwayne Wade.

On the Wolves this year, Foye will have to fight for his playing time with PG Mike James, SG's Ricky Davis and Trenton Hassell, as well as Troy Hudson at the 3. While the weakest position is obviously the 3, expect Foye to get some starts at the 1 and the 2 also. It may become problematic starting Davis and James together, since both tend to be "chuckers". This would bode well for Foye, who doesn't necessarily always look to shoot first and can attack the basket.

Kyle Lowry was the first round pick of the Grizzlies and had an average summer league, described by ESPN.com as "up and down". Lowry is the definition of a hard worker and his outside shot continues to improve. He is a lock-down defender and rebounds superbly for his size. Everyone loves Lowry's motor (draft lingo), and that should help him gain the respect of his coaches.

Look for Lowry to use this year to learn the NBA game (remember, he's only 20 years old). He'll be playing behind Damon Stoudamire and Chucky Atkins at the point for the Grizzlies. I think Chucky Atkins used to hang out with Lowry's Grandpa.

Allan Ray shot lights out at the Summer League and was picked up by the Celtics. ESPN.com called his performance "among the best in Vegas", and called his contract "impressive, given the number of young players already on the roster". As we know, there is always room on the roster for a shooter. A-Ray easily has NBA range on his 3-pointers and can get as hot as anyone from beyond the arc. The fact that his game is not one-dimensional, however, should give him a chance for more PT.

A-Ray will have to contend with a trio of young talent at the point- Delonte "I swear it's not an STD" West, Sebastian Telfair, and Rajon Rondo, with the obvious presence of Paul Pierce at the 2. I would look for Ray to get marginal, situational playing time until he can differentiate himself form the other young guards.

All three guys have a great chance to start in the league regularly as early as next year, but expect Foye to be the only one with a shot at an All-Rookie team. Coaches are going to love the defense and rebounding that they all developed out of necessity while playing in such a small college lineup.

dan i would not be worried about losing those guys, you know nardi is the heart and soul of that team. nardi knows how to step up and stick it to em real hard, just ask nadia
Yeah I'm not too worried, I think Curtis is going to be great again this year.

I am trying to guess who may have written this comment, but it made me laugh.
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