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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The Vikings Ain't Worth Sh*t

According to Forbes Magazine, The Redskins are worth more than any other NFL franchise at $1.423 billion. The sex-cruising Minnesota Vikings are worth about half of that at $720 million. They are one of about 5 teams ranked below the New Orleans Saints. I think I could buy the Vikings if a hurricane ever hit Minneapolis (good thing that is impossible).

The Steelers were rated as the best bang for your buck, and since they won the Super Bowl...why did they even do this category? My favorite valuation was the second most profitable team- The Houston Texans. I predict I strong decrease in profitability after Reggie Bush has 2,000 rushing yards as a rookie and the city riots. The 'Skins were the most profitable team as well, and the Pats franchise was worth the second most.

Minnesota Vikings barbecue sauce is the worst selling barbecue sauce in the league, so hopefully they will step up their marketing campaign and maybe get a cooler, more sexy label. (The credibility of that last statement is not very good)

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