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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Tuesday's Headliners

The Raiders are by far the worst team in the NFL. The Chargers thumped them 27-0, as Aaron Brooks only managed to complete 6 of his 14 passes for a grand total of 68 yards against a pass defense that was ranked 28th last year. At least he didn't throw the ball backwards this time. LaMont Jordan rushed just 10 times for 20 yards.

The Giants lost their first game of the season with Eli Manning, but the Chargers have made the best out of that trade. Phillip Rivers completed 8 of his 11 passes (and a TD), while a little-known part of that trade (Sean Merriman) had 3 sacks.

Brad Johnson won the battle of the senior citizen QBs, beating Mark Brunell and the Skins 19-16 on a Ryan Longwell FG. Clinton Portis was effective in limited time, with 12 total touches for 50 yds and a TD. Chester Taylor had 131 total yds and a TD for the Vikes.

Deion Branch was traded to Seattle for a 2007 1st rd. pick. Good move by the Seahawks, that pick will likely be very late in the first round.

The Tigers continue to choke away the division, with the Twinkies closing down to 1.5 games (W.Sox are 3 back). The Royals trail playoff position by just 30.5 games.

In the NL, the Marlins spanked the Mets to move within 2 games of the Padres.

Another little known part of the Eli/Rivers trade is that Osi was supposed to be involved, but the Giants refused to trade him away until eventually the Chargers agreed to the present deal.... Wonderful insight by the Giants Umenyora (spelling?) is going to be in the Pro Bowl for a while.

How did EVERYONE not take Chargers (-3) last night?!!??! like shooting Fish in a Barrell. Also, Rivers 3rd & 11 completion in the 4th (went on to score final TD) was SICK! He took one hell of a shot from Sapp and threaded a needle down field. Very Impressive.

If the Fish take the Wilcard, does Joe Gerardi deserve Manager of the Year? (article idea for you)
I think Girardi deserves manager of the year even if the Marlins don't make the playoffs. Rumor has it that he may land with the Cubs next year though because he and the Marlins owner want to murder each other.
I'd like to nominate the Chargers as the best-looking NFL squad of 2006--Rivers, Whitehurst, Schweigert, we'll throw LT in there for good measure. So now, not only does San Diego have the best weather and most beautiful cityscape, they traded up in the team's pretty-boy ratio by getting rid of that Manning boy. ick.
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