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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Tom Cruise...Still Gay

I think I saw Tom Cruise more last night at the Redskins game more than I saw Archie during the Manning Bowl on Sunday. Was ESPN secretly trying to make everyone hate the Redskins? Daniel Snyder invited him to the game because Snyder is an investor in Cruise's new production company. I really hope he didn't think it would improve his image to show up to a football game in a suit holding hands with his wife the whole time and not cheering.

My dad and I were rooting for the Vikings anyway since the Skins are in the Giants division (actual conversation):

First cut to Cruise
Me: "Why the hell is Tom Cruise at a football game? He must be here for the tight pants."

Second Cut
Dad: "Oh come on! Who the hell wears a suit to a football game?"
Me: "He must have just gotten off the golf course."

Third Cut
Dad: "Ok, this is why the Redskins should lose, no one who invites Tom Cruise to their game deserves to win".

It would have been a historic MNF debut for ESPN if they could have somehow replaced all of that wasted time on Tom Cruise shots with an interview. Any sort of interview, and better yet, they should have let Suzy Kolber do it. This would be like the opposite of Vin Diesel showing up at a gymnastics competition.

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