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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Toight Like a Toyger

Tiger Woods is really upping the ante on this greatest athlete of all time thing. His 5th straight win is one short of his personal best six straight. Those six, however, came over two seasons (these five are in one season). He still has a long way to go for the longest win streak of all-time; Byron Nelson had an astounding 11 straight in 1945. I guess that's how he got a tournament named after him. Ben Hogan won 6 straight in 1948, so Tiger's streaks rank 3rd and 4th all-time.

Tigger actually broke a tie with Nelson to move into 5th on the All-time list with 53 wins. Sam Snead tops that list with 82 followed by the Golden Bear's 73. Tiger eagled two of the first seven holes in the final round to surpass Vijay Singh for the win. Let's say (for now) that he is definitely one of the top 3 most dominant athletes of all time, and leave that open-ended since his career is not nearly over.

Interesting note about Byron Nelson: He only played on the tour for 12 years, and his competition included both Ben Hogan and Sam Snead. He won 18 tournaments in a single year (including the 11 straight), and missed several majors because of WWII. He also finished in the top 20 an incredible 113 consecutive times (Tiger's longest streak was 21 top 20's). This is not to say that he is better than Tiger or not, but it's damn impressive.

My roommate is trying to convince me that Roger Federer is more dominant in tennis than Tiger Woods is in golf. At first i could not disagree more strongly but as he stated his case i found it to be an interesting arguement.

I said that he wasn't the most dominant because of the capri-wearing Spanish toolbox named Rafael Nadal. He countered with the number of tournaments Federer has won something 7 of the 12 tournaments he has played in. He has a 68-6 record at the time of this post for the year, but only a 1-4 record against Nadal.

He claimed most dominant in any sport, I claimed not even the most dominant in tennis. Any thoughts?
My knowledge of tennis is expressed in the article from 9/6. I'll try to tackle this at some point though, I've heard the Federer thing before- PTI maybe?
federer- could be the most dominant in all of sports right now. nadal is not even going to make the finals of the us open. the small chance that he does, mr roger(s) will kill him. as of now if i had to pick i put him over tiger. federer has been more consistant than woods
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