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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Thursday's Headliners

The Yankees clinched their 9th consecutive AL East title, despite a 3-2 loss to Toronto.

Big Papi couldn't help the Sox cause enough with his 50th HR

The Phillies are now tied for the Wild Card lead with LA. Did the Abreu/Lidle trade help them?

Sergio Garcia called out Tiger right before the Ryder Cup (Tiger has a 7-11-2) career record there. Tiger is still pissed about the nude photos of his wife, so I hope Sergio brings along some copies if they meet up.

The Red Bulls (aka the Metrostars) plan to break ground soon on the most expensive soccer stadium in the country. It will be in Harrison, NJ, which is one of the craziest soccer towns in the Northeast due to their large population of people from soccer-loving countries. Harrison is easily accessible via the PATH train from NYC so hopefully this will give the team a boost in revenue and attendance. They should be finished in summer '08.

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