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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Thursday's Headliners

Texas and Ohio State play a 1 vs. 2 game that could have National Title Implications...Does anyone else think there was a plan to bump Texas up to #2 after last weekend so the game would be more marketable? I am a conspiracy theorist.

FSU and Miami had the highest ratings for an ESPN college football game...or something. See, ESPN.com said it was the most viewed game ever and then said right afterwards that it was the network's second highest rated CFB game. Either way, I guess a lot of people watched.

Marion Jones had her "B" sample come up negative, which sort of clears her name, and at least allows her to compete. No word yet on that bulge in her pants.

The Tigers should get off their knees and stop blowing their season. They lead the division by just 4 games, and the Yankees are just 1 game back from claiming home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Mets now own baseball's best record by 2 games after beating down the Braves in a double header yesterday.

The Padres are strengthening their Wild Card hold, now with a full 3 game lead.

There better be an Article coming about A. Sanchez. The rookie for Florida that tossed a No-NO yesterday!!! Otherwise I cannot see how you could leave that out of Todays Headlines.
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