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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


That Kid Got...Jacked Up!!


While participating in my debacle of a fantasy draft yesterday, we saw this video. For those of you who can't view it, its from a youth football game (13 yr olds). After a bigger kid gave a smaller kid a cheap shot away from the play, the kid's father charged onto the field and blindsided the big kid. This was like a kicker getting blindsided by a linebacker, he really nailed him.

The worst part about this is I could see it happening in my town. Parents (especially football parents) are crazy about their kids' sports. Just last year, a parent was threatening a soccer referee in my town. I've been in youth games in the past where coaches nearly came to blows. In most cases, the kids care much less than the parents do. Seriously, if your kid doesn't know how to defend himself, teach him. If they don't care enough to whack the kid back, then you shouldn't either. It's part of the game, and either a penalty or the kid's own payback will do just fine. If you go nuts at your kid's game, everyone will just think you are a giant loser, and if you're lucky, you could even get arrested.

dan, i have caused many problems in the stands in my day. seen parents brawling, don't know if i was to blame but it was after i killed a kid and the ambulance had to come(broken sternum is what the trainer told me). just more proof that parents are idiots.

by the way the yanks are kicking ass and posada is having a career game.

Well I definitely saw you put someone in the hospital. Clean hit though if I remember correctly. And in hockey, you have to know your kid oould get smashed.
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