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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Samkon Swapped for Vernand

Go quickly and pick up Samkon Gado for your fantasy league teams. By the way, you can drop Wail Lundy after this week. But there is more to this trade than two bad teams swapping backup RB's. According to ESPN.com and Wilkipedia, these aren't your typical running backs:

Gado will likely become the Texans starter, and that's interesting because he started more games for the Packers last year than he did in his entire college career. Yeah, and he went to college at freaking Liberty! Liberty, by the way is D1-AA. He started just two games in four seasons at Liberty because he shared time with two other backs. I don't really understand how this happened, but it did. After getting injured and being cut from the Chiefs practice squad, Gado landed with the Packers last year- on the practice squad. A slew of injuries made him the starter by default in Green Bay, and he scored 3 TD's in his first game and four more after that in his next four starts. A sprained MCL ended his season with a couple games left and Ahman Green's return meant that Gado would have been riding the pine this year.

Morency is just as intriguing, a 26 year-old second year player. Morency was an All-American in both football and baseball, and spent four years playing center field in the Colorado Rockies farm system before going to pursue football at Oklahoma State. At Ok St., he rushed for over 2600 yards, averaging nearly 6 yards per attempt. He was a third round draft pick of the Texans last year.

Gado will likely be starting by next week and Morency will likely be starting after Ahman Green's inevitable injury occurs.

Poor Texans. If only you had been as lucky as the Saints and had a chance to pick up a real running back, somewhat like Reggie Bush instead of that no-good hack, Mario Williams.

Oh, wait........You did.
Another NFL RB who has started more games in the pros than in college: Willie Parker, who went to the tune of 1400 yards last year. I'm not saying that's going to happen with Gado (it's not, due to their o-line), but that shouldn't be a complete knock against the guy.
So, I guess the Mario Williams for the entire Packers defense trade fell through, much to everyone's surprise......
Great call on Fast Willie, Greg. His senior year at North Carolina he carried just 48 times for 181 yds (3.8 per). He played behind a guy named Ronnie McGill.
"Wow, just look at the talent! Add this to the aquisition of Koren Robsinon, and you've got a guaranteed Super Bowl contender!"

Hold on, that's probably what Favre said.
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