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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


A-Rod: So Hot Right Now

Jason Giambi wants A-Rod to take out his tampon and start playing baseball like a man. Sports Illustrated is producing an article that gives us an insight to exactly why no one has stuck up for A-Rod in the press; because he's a pansy and they don't like him- at all. A-Rod's .286/34/116 is not nearly enough to overshadow that fact that he wears purple lipstick during games.

An excerpt of a Giambino/A-Rod exchange:

-----A-Rod: "I've had five hits in Boston."

-----Giambi: "You f*cking call those hits?" Giambi said, according to SI. "You had two f*ucking dinkers to right field and a ball that bounced over the third baseman! Look at how many pitches you missed!

I am not making this up, here is the ESPN.com article. I'm also starting to see why Yankee fans dislike the Rod:

-----When people write [bad things] about me, I don't know if it's [because] I'm good-looking, I'm biracial, I make the most money, I play on the most popular team ..."

Or maybe it's because you say things like that. You just can't make this stuff up. Did he seriously just call himself good-looking? It could only have been better is he said "Really really ridiculously good looking" and then flashed Blue Steel at us. I only wish he went on further, "Models help people, they show them how to dress cool and wear their hair in interesting ways..."

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