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Friday, September 15, 2006


NFL Picks

After going a not-so-impressive 3-2 last week, I will make another attempt at picking some NFL games for this weekend, although this week has some huge spreads.

Patriots -6 JETS
RAVENS -12 Raiders
Rams -3 49ERS
Bills +6.5 DOLPHINS
Chiefs +10.5 BRONCOS

Home teams in CAPS

Suicide Pool Pick
Bengals over Browns: based on their schedule, the Bengals have the fewest "easy" games left out of the heavy weekend favorites.

F- That!!! Don't be scared to bet on your Squad! You know you want to take Giants(+3) @ Philly. I am also layin 13.5 on the line against the Texans. Stupid!? Maybe. But I do like you Rams Pick.... (Hate your Dolphins pick)
Well I make it a rule to never bet on my team.

The Dolphis should beat the Bills, but I thought the spread was too large, especially if Culpepper has a repeat of last week.

49ers looks like the easiest $ of the weekend.
Kudos to the Choke Artist for never mixing business with pleasure.

And to jose, c'mon! you know the Bills are good for the spread. The 'phins are full of hype this year,and it remains to be seen how it'll translate. Buffalo made all their rookie mistakes last week (and still came within 2 of the beloved Pats). And with Mike Mularky down in MIA calling the same plays as he did in Buffalo these last 2 'glory' seasons , the hype may be just that.
ps Buffalo moved up in both CBS and ESPN's polls, while the Dolphins slipped 7 spots in both after Week 1

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