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Friday, September 08, 2006


NFL Picks

After my buddy Ferris and I went an astounding 7-0-1 in 8 games we bet on last season, I give myself the authority to make some picks on this stupid blog of mine. If I was putting money out this weekend, I would bet on these games (although I am not because it's week 1).

Using Friday's NY Post (picks in bold, home in CAPS):

Eagles 4.5 TEXANS
CHIEFS 2.5 Bengals
Chargers 3 RAIDERS (MNF)
Seahawks 6 LIONS

So there are 5 picks. If I don't go 0-5, I might do this every week.

In my suicide pool, I've got the Cardinals over 49ers this week. Rules are no spreads, you pick one game, if you win you're still alive. You can't pick the same team twice in the season. If I win, I think I get about $3000 so wish me luck.

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