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Thursday, September 21, 2006


More Nightmare, Less Fantasy

They went in the first round (or early 2nd) of almost every fantasy draft, they may be the cornerstone of your fantasy teams. They have combined for 12 points under the standard scoring system- in FOUR games. I didn't start one of them last week- and was happy about it. They have been outscored combined by the likes of Mack Strong, LaDell Betts, Brandon Jacobs, Travis Henry, and Michael Turner. They are LaMont Jordan and Cadillac Williams.

LaMont Jordan 1.9 YPC, 55 rush yds, 0 rec. yds, 0 TD

Cadillac Williams 2.6 YPC, 59 rush yds, 25 rec. yds, 0 TD

The outlook looks even worse for Jordan, who's team may not score for the rest of the season. Many experts predict that they won't win a single game. At least Cadillac is part of a team who still has a chance of putting it together. Either way, the teams with these guys in my fantasy leagues are getting killed. So guys, step it up, for the sake of all fantasy managers.

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