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Monday, September 11, 2006


Monday's Headliners

Rodger Federer wins the US Open, defeating Andy Roddick. I guess I'll have to do the Woods-Federer comparison later this week.

Maria Sharapova won the women's side, and was quoted as saying, "I believe, at the end of the day, personally, my life is not about a banana". Great quote, but it was in reference to some possible in-game coaching (not allowed in tennis).

Johan Santana improved to 18-5 and lowered his ERA to 2.75. The Twins trail the Tigers by just 2 games in the AL Central.

The Yankees and Mets now each hold home-field advantage in their respective leagues.


Peyton wins the Manning Bowl, 26-21. The key was Peyton eluding the constant pressure put on him by the Giants D, stepping up confidently in the pocket.

The Patriots survived a scare from Buffalo, using a safety to win the game 19-17.

Reggie Bush had 119 total yards in the Saints win; Laurence Maroney had 86 rushing yards for the Pats.

My Picks are 2-2 so far, a winning record hinges on the Chargers tonight, (as does a fantasy win).

Full Fantasy Recap Tomorrow

that "pass interference" call on tim carter was the most upsetting moment of my weekend hands down. i guess the ref saw carter finally catch a ball and he was too shocked to let it count. Also, do you think the john madden's lips are sore from kissing peyton manning's ass all night??
I bet on the Bengals and Seahawks.... who knew that Seattle could score a TD against Detroit! Comeplete Crap
Yeah Madden referred to him as Manning all night, like there wasn't one on the other team also.

"You see, since Peyton Manning completes a lot of passes, well, you know, that means he has a high completion percentage".
I believe Al Michaels also said the word "bling" last night. No good.
DAN reggie bush i believe had 142 total yards
Does that include return yards? I was looking on the Yahoo! fantasy stats. I apologize if they were wrong but I just added rushing and receiving.
"Reggie Bush had 119 total yards in the Saints win;" quoted from dan. notice the word "total", yes i am being a dick. the TOTAL was actually 141. not 142, not 119, but 141. ok so back to my point. by using the word total you must include every single yard reggie gets in the game. your stat included rushing and receiving yards however did not include punt returns. if reggie bush read this blog he would not be a happy man.
If Reggie Bush read this Blog, I could quit my actual job. People only include return yards to make Texans fans jump off of buildings.
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