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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Mets = Playoffs

The Mets have their first division title in 18 years and their first playoff appearance since the turn of the century so I couldn't help writing something. So here is a synopsis of the post game celebration:

Wagner: The energy is so high, I keep feeling like someone might get hospitalized when he suddenly juices one up to 110 mph. The crowd is ravenous, why am I not there?

...Wow, that was quick

Pedro: One of the only guys who knows what the party inside is like. He bolts from the field first like a little kid, going for the free t-shirt and some bubbly.

Paul LoDuca: So excited that he says "F*ckin amazing" live on SNY.

Lastings Milledge: "This is my first drink baby!"

Chris Cotter: SNY reporter gets drowned in bubbly while doing his locker room interviews, ruining his perfectly spiked hair.

...this is like a scene from a sports movie, Aaron Heilman (that tight ass) is the only one who did a professional interview. Everyone else is partying like rock stars.

Cliff Floyd: Has the last out in his pocket. It's likely soaked in alcohol, which should increase its EBay value.

...The Mets definitely lost the last few games on purpose so they could win at home.

Tom Glavine: He's dry, still talking about the Braves. I kind of hate him.

Willie Randolph: Got his hat taken off and an entire can of Bud Light poured in his eyes by an unknown assailant while doing an interview alongside Fred Wilpon.

I don't remember the last division championship, but this one sure was sweet.

If the Mets don't make it to the World Series (and lose to the Yankees), they should look at this season as a total failure.

There is no way the Mets should lose to any of the other National League teams in the playoffs. If the Mets lose to a team like the Padres, whose first or second best hitter is Mike Piazza, the Mets should be the Choke Artist of the Year...hands down.
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