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Monday, September 11, 2006


Little Awkward Faces

Please tell me it bothers you too. While watching the Giants (ah-hem) choke away last night's game, I remembered how much I hate some of the TV graphics. When they show a guy's stats or the team leaders, someone thought it would be a good idea (or more high-tech) to put a video of a player's head rather than just a picture of him. This makes for some seriously awkward moments, not only for the players, but you kind of feel weird just watching it.

It's kind of like when you are smiling for a picture and then your face starts hurting and your smile ends up looking all screwed up by the time the picture is finally taken. You start becoming conscious of what you look like, incessant blinking ensues, you know it's going to look stupid. They could just wait for the player to smile after about 2 seconds and then freeze the picture, but no, the players must endure an obscurely long video from the shoulders up.

I don't think anyone has mastered this 30 second head video yet, but I would like to see some crazy mother like LaVar Arrington eating a piece of raw meat, or maybe someone just spinning around in circles. I mean they did let Arrington introduce himself as "Mr. Nickel, School of Hard Knocks", so why not some fun with the face videos as well? The face video could be a lot of fun, we could go with painted faces, masks, the possibilities are endless. I would love for Clinton Portis to do one in costume. This thing has a lot of potential, someone email Chad Johnson.

WOW! I made this exact same conversation with everyone I watched the GMEN with last night. Who Ok'd that idea? It makes me uncomfortable. I said that if they had a video clip of me to put next to my Stats, I would do something to make it more appealing to look at. Like dance the whole time, or be eating raw meat with my bare hands.
giants did not "choke". if you watched the game you would have seen the bad call the ref made on the giants second to last drive. instead of first down it was third and long. what can you do when the refs blow your chances of winning?

by the way carson palmer fuckin killed my fantasy team and lamont jordon didn't help either. 5 total points between them. maybe i just suck cause my bench kicked ass
The fumbled handoff!!! The fumbled handoff!!! Such a choke, killed the momentum. The interference call was horrible though.

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