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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Lions Coach Gets a DWNAD

That's right, Driving While Naked and Drunk. According to MSNBC.com, the defensive line coach (Joe Cullen) has been arrested twice in the past two weeks, but he was only naked the second time...I think. He called these incidents "a mistake in judgment". Yes, I probably shouldn't have been drunk and naked while driving my car, it was a mere mistake in judgment. I always thought that a mistake in judgment was more like "I shouldn't have stayed out so late last night", but I guess he was thinking more along the lines of, "I shouldn't have decided to air myself out until after I got home".

In 2005, he was arrested during an "alcohol-related incident at a restaurant" while working at Ole Miss. I guess he parlayed that into a job with the Lions? After Googling him, I discovered that this "incident" was him being so hammered that he fell down in Subway while trying to order a sandwich. I love how a guy falling down drunk in Subway is an "alcohol-related incident at a restaurant". Classic.

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