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Friday, September 08, 2006


Lay It on Me Big Fella!

Last night, Joey Porter clinched a Steelers victory with an INT return for a TD (see Culpepper's fantasy value plummeting faster than the Red Sox). Following the big play, Porter kissed Bill "the scowl" Cowher. Kissed him. Let me just offer the disclaimer that it wasn't any sort of really gay, let's all make assumptions type of kiss. If was in the cheek/neck region.

Now, for the record, I always considered these guys to be pretty bad ass so this was very disappointing. Also, it was the freaking first game of the season!!! This is certainly an excusable action if it were to happen in the Super Bowl, but this was so anti-football and anti-manly that I don't know what to think. Maybe they were inspired to kiss by the Dolphins uniforms.

Cowher joked, saying "It was better than the last time, when I initiated it". But wouldn't it have been great if Cowher went off and said something completely manly like, "Yeah I don't know what the hell Porter was thinking, only fags kiss." Now that would have been manly. Ozzie Guillen would be proud.

Remember Ugie Urina and Pudge Rodriguez kissing after every save when they played together (I guess it was for the Tigers)? That was also pretty ridiculous.

The Red Sox also like to hug each other after they do something well...even though they aren't doing much of anything well lately.

I think Sportscenter should do a Top 10 most gay moments in sports history. I think my #1 would go to Mike Piazza's flaming appearance in his hay day with the Mets. Oh wait, doesn't a Met fan run this website? Oh well.
Can we get a YouTube of this? We should put Smeg in charge of compiling a vignette of gay kisses in pro sports
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