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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


How Could You Not Laugh?

Raiders receiver Jerry Porter "laughed and pumped his fist" when his QB Aaron Brooks was sacked for the zillionth time on Monday night, according to the San Francisco chronicle. Porter has been inactive after arguing with Art Shell during the preseason. Maybe the argument went something like, "Aaron Brooks is the dumbest quarterback in the history of the NFL, Martin Lawrence without the steroids could play better than this guy".

It really is comical how bad Brooks is. He actually got drafted in about the 13th round of my fantasy draft, and my buddy Jay probably received just as much punishment for it as the person did who took Bubba Franks in the 5th round.

For those of you who never saw it, this is Brooks throwing the ball backwards. This was in a real game, and it was considered a fumble. Instead of recovering it, the Saints players should have just taken off their helmets and beaten Brooks onto the injured reserve.

This spawned a video that displays a glitch from the new Madden game (as pointed out by Bill Simmons if I remember correctly). Just sad really that it is called "the Aaron Brooks glitch" and your QB throws the ball backwards every time a certain setting is applied. Only difference is the video game has a much better arm than the real Aaron Brooks.

Aaron Brooks is bad but he is not THAT bad. You're overlooking the fact that the Raiders offensive line is absolutely pathetic. I bet the Giants are real happy they didn't end up with Robert Gallery.
Well I said he is dumb, which is demonstrated nicely in the video. I know mobile QB's don't get sacked 7 or 9 times (or whatever it was) unless their line is terrible. Still, he's probably one of the 5 worst starters in the league.

Seriously, who is worse? Look through the NFL starters and tell me even 3 who you would pick Brooks over. In the last 2 seasons, he has 34 TDs/33 INTs and in '04 he fumbled 13 times. His career rating is 79.6 and last year it was 70.0. Vomit.
I can't figure out what happened to Brooks. I could have sworn he had a few good years so i looked up some stats on him and realized that although he had one season of 24 tds 8 ints and another of 27tds 15 ints, he has never had a season with a completion percentage over 60%.

Sean Salisbury the other day on TV made a comment that he wasn't sure if the Raiders would be able to beat a BCS team. Although it makes me happy to see the Raiders so bad, i do have a little pity for them and the Packers too. Imagine 5 years ago if someone told you the two of the worst teams in the league would be the Raiders and Packers.
The title of the post is apt enough. Seriously, I miss the days when the Bolts/Raiders games meant something. Too bad the Raiders have made a Commitment to Sucking for some time now...
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