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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The Griffey Effect...or NOT

I was extremely busy earlier and got ahead of myself thinking about a Ken Griffey Jr. post. I actually had my timing completely off when I thought of this earlier and promised a post. My original thought: "Wow, the Reds sure have fallen out of the Wild Card since Griffey went down". We all know that the Reds were in the Wild Card lead for some time, but now appear all but dead after acquiring countless no-name middle relievers.

After some research, I realized I was completely wrong. Griffey got hurt on Sept. 4th. At this point, the Reds had already fallen to 68-70. Since then, they are 6-7. Obviously not such a terrible fall off. They were 3.5 games out of the WC, and are now 5 games out.

Well it seemed like they fell off after he got hurt, right? Oh well, if this kills any credibility that I may or may not have had, so be it. The Reds actually lost 9 of 10 games immediately before his injury. So I was close. Sort of. Or not.

Could be worse. You could work with the guy who just got sentenced to 6-month work release probation for "URINATING in the company coffee pot at various times over a 4-6 month period."

Oh wait, we did.....ewww Smegmeister
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