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Friday, September 15, 2006


Friday's Headliners

Tiger ended up losing in the first round of match play. Now no one will watch.

Steve Slaton of West Virginia rushed for 167 yards in the first half against the school who didn't want him a couple years ago. Slaton finished with 195 yds on 21 carries as WVU thumped Maryland 45-24.

Reggie Bush may jeopardize his heisman as well as USC's National Championships, among other things, as a Yahoo! sports investigation found that he received over $100,000 from agents while at USC. Apparently Yahoo! is into investigating things these days.

Steve Foley, the Chargers players who was shot by an off duty cop 3 times, had a BAC of .233. That sounds more like a batting average. So Foley, did you even feel those bullets?

Derek Jeter extended his hitting streak to 23 games in a Yankee win over Tampa.

The Mets will clinch the NL East if they win any of their final 16 games, or if the Phillies lose another game (their magic number is now 1).

The Twins (1 GB) and the Padres (.5 GB) are starting to think division title, rather than Wild Card.

I like that nothing is off limits here, like making fun of a guy who got shot 3 times because he had a beer or two.
yeah, we try to make people feel as bad as possible about themselves
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