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Monday, September 11, 2006


The Curse of Philadelphia

The Eagles and the Panthers seem to be the sexy pick to land in the Super Bowl out of the NFC this season. I feel like things like this are the exact inspiration for the title of this site. A team that I root for hasn't won a championship since I was 7 years old. Not only that, but my family seems to be cursed by the Philadelphia Eagles, by far my most hated team in any sport. Let me explain.

I attended Villanova University for four years in the Philadelphia suburbs. Our best football player since Howie Long (Brian Westbrook) was drafted by none other than the Eagles after my freshman year. I had to endure the hundreds of Eagles jerseys, flags, and hats adorned by entire families everywhere I looked on Sundays. I was forced to watch Eagles games (the only games televised) until I finally turned 21 and could get to a bar that would show a Giants game (which was only possible if they weren't playing at the same time as the Eagles).

The WORST part though- the Eagles made it at least to the NFC Championship game every single year I was there. FOUR years in a row. During this same span, the Giants were horrendous, leaving my Eagle fan friends with endless ammunition against me. The Eagles record while I was in college: 48-16, the Giants: 27-37. The one year the Giants actually made the playoffs was the 49ers debacle where we blew a 24 point second half lead.

I think the whole thing was really capped off for me my senior year when my intramural soccer team played a playoff game 7 against 11 because six guys from my team were at the freaking Eagles game. Now, my brother is a Freshman at Villanova and I have this terrible feeling that he might be in for it too. My family is almost as cursed by the Eagles as Philadelphia is with the inability to win any sports championship...yessss.

With the Mets dominating the Minor League, so far I have a counter arguement to any comment a Philly fan makes towards anything. Weird thing though is that on my wing, there are only 2 Eagles fans, and neither are assholes.

Interesting thing though...there are about 7 Patriots fans on my wing...all from Boston. I can't even talk football with them because all they say is "Tom Brady, 3 out of 4."

At least now the Giants are respectable and i think (pray to god) Westbrook's contract is running up? As of now, it seems like the fortunes for our family are turning...and who cares anyway? PHILLY WILL NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP IN ANY SPORT. I think thats why Philly sports fans are always so bitter (remember when they cheered Michael Irvin being carried off in a stretcher).
The fans in Philly are some of the worst low-class fans anywhere. I guess the only others that come close are Raider fans, White Sox fans, Jet fans...maybe 1 or 2 others.

I saw Kevin Millwood's no-hitter with Mike in either '02 or '03 and the fans celebrated by absolutely trashing the field with every piece of garbage in the stands.

Don't forget about booing Santa Claus.

However, they do have Wing Bowl.
when is wing bowl?
During the NFL playoffs so I never went because I couldn't take the Eagles madness.

Can anybody offer their opinion of Wing Bowl? All I know is you have to wait in line all night but you see a lot of boobs.
if i want the wing and boob combo, i guess hooters is a nice place, however no nudity. to bad hooters doesn't have chicks delivering wings in trench coats waiting for that 20 dollar strip and BJ tip. WOW THAT WOULD BE NICE.
I was at the wing Bowl in 2005. We arrived at the lot at about 12:30am. Drank til 5:30am when the doors opened. It was cold and snowing so that was kind of cool. But there were various Eagles chants, and I feel as though the wingbowl is not usually that cool if the Eagles arent in the Superbowl. But there was def a lot of boob showing inside the Wachovia Center. Everyone went in as soon as the doors opened to escape the cold. The actual Wing Bowl doesnt start til 8am, and lasts over 3 hours. The place was packed and it is free to attend. Most of the people there are blue collar Philly construction workers who were looking for an excuse to drink. The event itself is not that exciting (unless caveman Doug enters again), but the Tailgate is cool if you get a group of people to go. I recomend going once.... then Never again!

FYI - Tom, it was the held during the idle week of the playoffs. The week inbetween the AFC/NFC Championships and the Superbowl.
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