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Tuesday, September 12, 2006



Breaking down the AL MVP race, I give you a top 10 countdown, plus 3 honorable mentions. This assessment is done as if the season ended today, I'm assuming that there are no major Chokes. No one from the Tigers made my list so we should be somewhat safe.

Honorable Mention:

Frank Thomas, DH- .281 BA/35 HR/97 RBI/.395 OBP, Top 10 AL in HR, OBP, SLG, OPS
Vlad Guerrero, OF- .328 BA/28 HR/109 RBI/.381 OBP, Top 5 AL in BA, RBI
Jim Thome, DH- .293 BA/39 HR/97 RBI/.415 OBP, Top 5 AL in HR, OBP, SLG, BB, OPS

Top 10
10. Paul Konerko, 1B- .312 BA/32 HR/103 RBI/.384 OBP, Top 10 AL in HR, RBI, OPS, SLG

9. Miguel Tejada, SS- .330 BA/22 HR/92 RBI/.381 OBP, 3rd in AL in hitting

8. Carl Crawford, OF- .305 BA/16 HR/70 RBI/.349 OBP, 1st in AL in SB (49), 3B (13)

7. Joe Mauer, C- .350 BA/11 HR/78 RBI/.431 OBP, 1st in MLB in BA, 3rd in AL in OBP (plus he's a catcher...but 2nd half of season hasn't been as good as 1st half).

6. Manny Ramirez, OF- .318 BA/34 HR/101 RBI/.436 OBP, Top 5 in AL OBP, BB, SLG, OPS, Top 10 in BA, RBI, HR

5. Justin Morneau, 1B- .320 BA/33 HR/118 RBI/.375 OBP, 2nd in AL in RBI, Top 10 AL in SLG, OPS

4. David Ortiz, DH- .288 BA/48 HR/127 RBI/.402 BA, 1st in AL in RBI, HR. Top 5 in BB, OPS, SLG. Papi's intangibles give him extra credit, but the Sox collapse and .288 AVG land him here.

3. Derek Jeter, SS- .345 BA/13 HR/91 RBI/.419 OBP, 2nd in AL AVG, 4th in OBP, 7th in SB, nice eyes, team is good.

2. Travis Hafner, DH- .308 BA/42 HR/117 RBI/.439 OBP, Leads AL in OBP, SLG, OPS. Top 3 AL in HR, RBI, BB. His team keeps him from winning it and he's a DH.

1. Jermaine Dye, OF- .328 BA/41 HR/112 RBI/.394 OBP, Top 3 in AL in SLG, OPS. Only player in AL in Top 5 of all Triple Crown categories.

If the White Sox don't make the playoffs, does Dye deserve the MVP? Probably. He and Hafner are (in my opinion) head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to the AL MVP race. If you want the MVP to come from a playoff team, Jeter and Morneau are the most deserving. I think that The White Sox had a good enough season to give Dye the trophy even if they fall short of the playoffs. After a World Series MVP last year, imagine if Dye had been healthy his whole career.

Jeter should be ahead of Hafner. Hafner just hits. Jeter plays Gold-Glove level Short. Dye is Good.
Jeter's a horrible fielder. That he won Gold Glove is a disgrace when any independent analysis shows he's been one of the worst shortstops in history (although he's been about average since ARod came to town and covered for his deficient range).

He's in the discussion for this year's race but isn't in the top 3. He's 7th this season among ML shortstops in extra base hits. Are you kidding me? That's your MVP? That's a joke. I think Johan Santana deserves it, pitcher bias be damned, but if you have to choose a hitter there are far, far better choices than Jeter (Dye, Mauer, Morneau, and Hafner)
Yeah I think comparing pitchers to hitters is like apples to oranges. That's what the Cy Young is for.

Jeter is 5th out of 10 American League SS in fielding %, 9th in DP's, 7th in Put-outs, 4th best in Errors. Not quite Gold Glove.
True, but closer to receiving a gold glove than Hafner.
Yeah DH's do have a hard time getting a Gold Glove. Seriously though, unless a player is especially good or bad in the field, it doesn't really seem to be in the MVP discussion.
Check out this MVP trash talk that Papi stirred up:

Ok yea... I had read that. I wanted to stay out of this Jeter-MVP babble... but C'mon. You know Papi sounded like a whiney bitch in that interview.

F*ck homeruns! They are just a sexy stat. They only matter if no one else on your team can hit and you have to produce runs yourself. Jeter isnt asked to hit homeruns. Furthermore, Ortiz referred to Jeter as "not an RBI guy" !!! One of the main reasons that he is up for the MVP is the fact that he is going to drive in 100Runs from the 2-slot.

Papi also said something to the extent of discrediting Jeters season because of the Yanks having other great players... Also Moronic because ANOTHER main reason Jeter is up for the MVP is the fact that all his stars (minus Giambi) were either injured, or were shitty A-Rod.

Its just bush league. I would expect that from Manny.... not from Papi. It sounds like he is crying. Of course, Jeter had the perfect response: "I am not concerned with individual awards. I have something to play for"

Even ex-teammate Damon said that it was an uncharacteristic of Papi. There must be a lot of frustration in Boston or something.
For the record. I was not advocating for Jeter as the MVP... Just callin out Papi for being a tool.
I think you hit it on the head, jose: There's a lot of frustration in Red Sox Land.

As a Rangers fan, we could teach the Sox Nation a thing or two about being out of it in August...
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