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Friday, August 25, 2006


Why Not Us?

If you are one of my friends, why don't we do things like this? In Bill Simmons' latest article, he details a trip that he and his buddies took, which included 2 Milwaukee Brewers games and a preseason Packers game in just one weekend. Not only that, but they stayed out all night gambling, tailgated their asses off, and almost went to a strip club. See, we are younger, not as corny, and much more immature...not to mention we would have gone to the strip club. SO if they had that much fun, why not us? I am going to the Kentucky Derby with John and Kyle next year, but trips like this need to happen more often.

Sorry if you are a reader who doesn't know me personally, I just had to vent a little. Anyway, the Simmons article is pretty funny, so that is for everyone to enjoy.

I agree. Now before you flip out because I can't even make it to the beach, that doesn't mean I wouldn't do something like that. So let's get our act together and get everybody to do something like that. Since you brought it up, you figure it out.
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