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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Wednesday's Headliners

The Tigers responded to the weekend sweep by beating the Red Sox for the second consecutive night.
-Is it just me or was Placido Polonco a complete idiot on his web gem catch? I think I learned how to not separate my shoulder when falling when I was two years old. After all that stumbling you would think he could have a successful fall. Baseball players are so brittle.

The Dodgers win their 17th of 18. Trail Mets by 8 games for best record in NL.

The Mets, on the other hand, were outscored 24-4 in 2 games against the Phillies. Jose Reyes had all 4 of those RBI's on his 3 home runs last night.

Yankees lead Boston by 3 games in the AL East after rallying against hapless B-more.

Lee Suggs is no longer a Jet. He failed his physical and the players were un-traded.

Jose Canseco makes his first start as a pitcher tonight. Updates tomorrow morning!

Hollywood Matt Leinart finally signed with the Cards and is expected to play this weekend.

The Contender featured its first K.O. last night, another entertaining fight.

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