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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Wednesday's Headliners

Did Anyone Listen to Me? The Contender provided another entertaining fight last night with the underdog coming out on top after getting his eye split open by a headbutt.

Andy Roddick is Boinking Maria Sharapova. I guess that's why he can't concentrate on tennis...fair enough.

Mike Piazza gets well-deserved ovation upon his return to Shea last night. Mike Cameron rightfully applauded also. I just can't believe the Padres are in first place with those guys hitting 3-4 in the lineup.

USA Basketball survives scare from Brazil 90-86. Carmello had 16 in the first half before hyperextending his knee. Bad news because he has led us in scoring in each of these tune-up games so far.

White Sox get best of Mo Rivera and Yanks as Konerko homers in 9th. So Boston fans, who were you rooting for? Better chance of catching White Sox than Yanks?

New NFL commish is Roger Goodell. I don't really care, I'm just happy that they might stop talking about it.

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