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Thursday, August 31, 2006


USA BBall..for you party animals

Team USA plays a "final four" game at 3:00 am against Greece. At the time you read this, a result will most likely be in place. Many of the online sports writers are writing the US off. Let's take a took at what is wrong with this team, but especially what is wrong with it's critics.

The US team still doesn't have the shooters needed to contend with the zone defenses used by the stronger Euro squads. Listen, the reason why we got embarrassed at the Athens Olympics was Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury. There is a reason those guys will never win a championship. This team is better now, but sure, not perfect.

The real problem here though are the critics of the team. I feel like every writer has written the team off. Well posing as a writer, I haven't. I feel like people want this team to lose. Truth is, I don't know if a single guy on any other team would have made Team USA. Maybe we don't translate as well to the "international game", but if you match up the lineups, these Euros shouldn't have a chance.

Key Question: Could you imagine these competitors- Wade, Melo, and LeBron walking off the court after losing to Nocioni, Ginobili, and a bag of Argentinean Dildos?

I lost a lot of respect when MSNBC said Nocioni may be who "may be the toughest international player in the history of the NBA". I wonder if they've ever heard of Michael Jordan?

Can we please take our heads out of their European asses and support this team?

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