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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Tuesday/Wednesday's Headliners

Carson Palmer looked great in his debut. Fantasy owners, take note.

Jeff George jokes may begin. He was signed by, who else, the Raiders. After 5 years out of football, he's back. Yes Aaron Brooks sucks that much.

The Panthers were further accused of their steroid and HGH use during the '04 Super Bowl run. Don't you think that when punter Todd Saurbraun was caught, someone would have thought, "Wow, if the punter was doing it, everyone must be." Well, I guess not.

David Ortiz left the Sox with an irregular heartbeat, effectively ending their postseason hopes. Hopefully the Twins make the playoffs, someone like Morneau needs to challenge Jeter for MVP.

Army has already been invited to the Poinsetta Bowl, providing they win at least 6 games. Imagine any other sport where a team could make the postseason before the season even starts. Fix college football!

Dominick Davis may be cut from the Texans due to his endless string of injuries. If you drafted him early...you may IMMEDIATELY REGRET THIS DECISION!

If Derek Jeter wins the MVP then it is official that George Steinbrenner controls everything that is baseball.

Is Derek Jeter an incredible player? Absolutely. Is he having a fantastic year? Absolutely. But his numbers just aren't the numbers of an MVP (and no Yankee fans, his "leadership" doesn't make up for it).

Want to argue that he scores a lot of runs? David Ortiz has scored more runs this year 99, than Jeter's 92 runs scored. Go figure. He is 21st in the league in doubles, and 31st in the league in triples, and as for home runs? Jeter is not even in the top 50 in the AL. 21st in RBIs, and for someone that is 2nd in the league in batting average, he is only 8th in on base percentage and 18th in the AL in OPS.

Yankee fans want to say that he always at least will put the ball in play? 35th in the AL for most strikeouts with 81.

The Jeter for MVP talk is just absolutely absurd. Hey Choke Artist, how about a Jose Reyes vs. Derek Jeter "who would you rather have on your team?" article in the future. That will sure cause some debate on the board
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