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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Tuesday's Headliners

USA Bball won again this morning, 114-95 over Slovenia. Dwight Howard has been a pleasant surprise. Next game is 6:30 am tomorrow vs. 3-0 Italy.

Yankees complete a 5 game sweep at Fenway. Everyone on the radio and tv is touting the Yanks as the best team in baseball. Unless the Red Sox are much worse than we think, how can you argue?

Tom Glavine may just need medication and not surgery, which means he could be back as early as next week!!!

Detroit was getting blasted by everyone yesterday on the eve of their 4 game series with Chicago. A lot of tv and radio guys said that they won't even make the playoffs. Playoffs!? They'll be lucky if they can even win a game! Well they did last night. Rookie Justin Verlander responded by improving to 15-6 with a 7-1 victory over the ChiSox last night. Now Chi-town is only up a half game in the Wild Card.

Staten Island continues to be the laughingstock of the LLWS. After one of there players was on microphone yelling "one more f*cking run!" in their last game, their coach is now criticizing George Steinbrenner for only contributing $5,000 to the league. Alex Rodriguez was criticized for not contributing as well. No word on whether the coach booed A-Rod while asking for money. Staten Island is still the only winless US team.

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