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Thursday, August 17, 2006



Tomorrow Morning, look for these two great debates:

1. Which was a more fun/memorable/quoteable rant?
-Jim Mora (thanks HHN) and "playoffs!!??"
-OR Allen Iverson and "practice?!"

2. Finally- Around the Horn vs. PTI

3. Other good stuff too. To be determined.

Next time we aren't losing by many touchdowns, I'm going to live-blog a Keith Hernandez announcing performance for the Mets. For those of you who haven't heard one, this will be the perfect time to get acquainted.

Don't want to criticize too much B-rone because I love the site...but I don't think it was Vermeil who said "playoffs" I believe it was Jim Mora, the Colts head coach at the time.
Jeez, you're absolutely right. I can't believe my editor didn't catch that one!
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